I’m Now Coworkers With Amy Poehler! Technically…

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

So the plan this past weekend was to either do another link dump, since I’m due, or simply go over what’s been going on. But by late Friday night, after posting my first Mecha Damashii update of the new year (am seriously considering blowing the $400-500 on one btw; Rex IS my all-time favorite mecha after all), I had to tap out.

Was so busy all last week, work-wise, that I desperately needed to veg. Though I did put some hours into Okami, which is the current Fangamer Game Club selection. Hence why there’s not much else to report. Though I did finally check out Japadog! It kinda sucked to be honest.

Anyhow, the primary reason for being so occupied is because I’ve been getting ready for? my new job! Which I mentioned in my 2011 rundown last time. The cat was actually let out of the bag in the aforementioned FG podcast, but for those who aren’t regular listeners, I’m am now writing for?

Needless to say, I’m beyond pumped! Among many other reasons, it’s a dream come true, to be connected with NBC at long last, which was the primary force behind me wanting to live in New York City as a kid. In the form of Night Court and Late Night with David Letterman.

My first day is tomorrow, so please add In-Game to your bookmarks and RSS readers. Thanks!

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