The Aftermath

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

For starters, and for those who haven’t seen it yet…

Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are

You know, I honestly wasn’t going to say anything further on the subject of Obama; the video perfectly sums up why I’m so sick and tired of hearing about our new President Elect just two days after nabbing the prize, and how it’s not exactly his fault either. Unfortunately the video is also inaccurate; two days later and folks are still patting themselves on the back and acting all self-righteous from their win (which is fine if you, let’s say, live down south where one’s vote actually mattered… kinda). Already I’ve been given the riot act for not voting, and this is AFTER the election was over with, which needless to say is insanely retarded. Also, exhibiting skepticism towards Obama makes you as a pissed off McCain supporter, period, or someone whose too pessimistic for their own good. Never-mind that 95% of these people didn’t give a shit about politics till recently, and probably still won’t when all is said and done. Plus those who complain about other people complaining too much generally never look at themselves in the mirror. On a related note: absolutely do not bother to ask for someone’s political views unless you are able to handle the possibility that you may not agree with it, and if you try to argue with that other person (which you shouldn’t do, because its silly, let alone futile), at least be mature about it. But let’s get back on topic…

For the record, it’s truly amazing that so many people across this nation put their foot down and told the status quo that enough is enough, it’s time for a change (well, as much as one can with the antiquated wonder that is the electoral college still in place). And how in the end, we at last have a black person as our Commander in Chief, which is also genuinely pretty awesome. Though most either choose to ignore or simply do not realize the basic fact that the decision was hardly unanimous; according to the popular vote, which again should be the only numbers that matter, it was hardly a landslide victory as the electoral votes made it seem (it was 52.3% vs 46.4% to be exact, in case anyone was wondering/didn’t know by now). In the end, America wasn’t as racist as I had assumed it to be (that’s certainly not to say that every person who voted for McCain did so because he was white, btw), but we still have quite a ways to go when comes to equality, even with a black man running the country, as evidenced by what went down in California where a good portion of those that voted for Obama also chose to ban gay marriage. As I heard one prominent black cultural critic state, the most disillusioning thing for many was when it was clear that the Civil Rights movement wasn’t about equal rights for all but simply “it’s our time on top” (we no longer have to ask if an African American will ever be President, one must still ask if a woman could ever make it to the top, as well as a homosexual or a Jew). Point being, this country and it’s people are hardly perfect yet (obviously, but tell that to the jerk-off news commentators who were tripping over-themselves the night of via overly profound, oversimplified statement about the world today/tomorrow, and the winds of change, or whatever nonsense they clearly hoped will turn into a sound byte and secure their slot as the next Walter Cronkite), but anyway, race remains a big issue in this nation, yet due to the state of the economy, it thankfully took a back seat near the end, to a certain degree. And despite not really caring for either candidate a whole lot, I would have chosen Obama over McCain if I absolutely had to since the latter appeared to be just more of the same b.s. that Bush has been unloading on us for eight years now. Actually, that’s not entirely true, yet being just as clueless about the economy absolutely did not help, and as virtually every analyst has pointed out, was his ultimate undoing (that and picking Palin as his running mate, of course). Yet I’m still just as skeptical about Obama as I’ve been since day one, and I simply cannot drink his Kool Aide that so many others willingly chug without question. It’s nice that he’s made the American public wake up and realize that the power to change is within everyone’s grasp… But that’s always been the case ultimately speaking, we’ve always had a voice, most simply haven’t bothered to exercise it, especially when it was needed the most. Hence why this sudden burst of self-realization isn’t so much silly but just timed very poorly. Still, reaching out to the disenfranchised is not exactly the easiest of feats, so kudos to him. Again, it’s his most vocal, psychotic supporters that annoy the hell out of me, starting with my next door neighbor, whose had an Obama sign on her front door for months now, like we’re in some college dorm. You know, I totally forgot how at one point, I was totally behind his corner, especially when Katie was very pro Hilary, back when those two were clashing. But as time went on, I grew cold, then tired, till finally sick of the man, thanks again to his supporters. Which simply illustrates that it doesn’t matter how good the original person or the message is, if the people evangelizing him or it are annoying or condescending, people will begin ignore and even hate what is being preached, leading to far more damage than good. It’s a sad fact of life, specifically politics, but one that cannot be ignored.

Come January 20th, many will unmercifully tear the guy apart on day one if he doesn’t immediately invigorate the economy, do away with our dependency on foreign oil, provide health care for everyone, especially the poor, pull us out of Iraq with zero consequences (if he even chooses to do so in the first place), eliminate the national debt, as well as automatically eliminate everyone’s personal debts, etc. These are your general baseline stupids that have forgotten (or simply don’t realize) that everything has to go through the regular channels. Though the fact that there’s so many Democrats in the various houses should theoretically make things go faster, but once again, that’s only a theory. BTW, I’m also nonplussed that so many, after pulling the lever for Obama, simply went down the line of their local elections and voted all Democrats just for the hell of it, or so it would seem… and this coming from a guy who is far more Democrat than Republican at the end of the day. Anyhow, as also stated previously, Obama has a ton on his plate, so much that I honestly can’t expect the guy to solve every problem in one fell swoop, let alone one single term (the man himself even admitted to as such in his acceptance speech). Nor will I give him grief about it either (it took Bush less than half of one to completely undo everything Clinton had built, but it?s far easier to tear down than to build something up), provided he honestly goes about things differently as promised. It’s too hard to say at this point in time whether that will actually happen (if you really get down to it, some of the stuff Obama pledged to do was echoed by Bush four years ago), simply because we just don’t know anything about the guy. Hence why I haven’t gotten on his case nearly as much as Biden, who at least has a track-history to refer to help explain what a piece of human garbage he is. Though when it comes to playing the political game, I must admit to being rather impressed already; perhaps Obama gave the cold shoulder to those two leeches, Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton, because he knew an association with them would scare off potential white voters, or maybe he genuinely saw though them as the douchebags that they are. Then again, Obama’s gonna appoint Oprah as the ambassador to England, right? Great. Just great. So yeah, I fully expect Obama to be just another politician, like the rest of them, so you’re not going to see me act all shocked and surprised when everyone else groans in unison. It’s dealing with his apologists that I’m truly dreading. I’m also dead serious when I say this: I gladly welcome to be proven wrong by Barack. Dear God do I hope he’s genuinely not like the rest of them.

It will indeed be a time of change. What the hell will shows like the Daily Show do for the next four years? What about Democracy Now? And those assholes that loiter around Union Square? Like so many others, I’m just glad we won’t have Bush to deal with anymore, but many of those that have built their lives around blaming the guy about every stupid thing that is wrong with the world today (and make no mistake… he’s responsible for a LOT of shit that has gone down), what will they do? In the end, despite my personal feelings towards the guy, I want to support Obama because he’s our President… And guess what, if McCain had won, I would be saying the same exact thing. And despite my long-felt belief that his oratory skills are a tad bit overrated (but you know, compared to Bush, everyone sounds like Maya f’n Angelou), he did hit some really good points in that acceptance speech, specifically how he can’t do it alone, he needs everyone’s help. And that’s what I’m most skeptical about; it’s nice all those hipster doucehbag, Starbucks swilling blogger-types went out and became involved in the process, but I have to wonder if it was in the interest of this nation or really just to be part of some big scene. Were the long lines for the polling booth just some big flash mob? I’m not an idiot, I fully understand the reason why everyone is all OBAMAOBAMAOBAMA, because people finally feel empowered and included in the political process. I just fear the inevitable, as just spelled out. Again, I want to be proven wrong, that everyone remains politically active on multiple levels from here on (again people, LOCAL GOVERNMENT is where it’s at, that which has the most impact on our day to day lives, and is actually the most controllable), to help stop the steady decline this country has been on since forever. And most importantly, to not return to the same old, same old, which is complaining on the internet when things do not go according to plan or as promised. Which, also quite honestly, has a real chance of happening. But I also hope all those people aren’t blithering idiots about it, cuz that will truly suck dick, and be disastrous as well.

Oh God, so tired of talking of politics. I don?t even know why I?m defending myself; no matter what I say, folks are still gonna be pissed at me. At the very least I’m not as bad as this guy. Or this guy. I also have to remind myself that most of what I’ve complained about seems to be exclusive to New York City, whereas Obama supporters elsewhere are actually pretty normal, comparatively speaking. Like how the only instance of cops pushing around happy Obama supporters I’ve heard of anywhere went down in Brooklyn, Willamsburg to be precise. Of course. Though back to being a hater, I guess it?s really no different than how I?ve been despised for not giving a rat?s ass enough to see WALL-E. Meaning, my resolve shall only strengthen. MOVING ON!

Earlier today was another super secret game press thing, which I really can’t spill the beans about, even if I wanted to, simply because I didn’t go! Was too busy running around town, dropping off comics. Speaking of, if you couldn’t make it out to SPX, copies of my zine are now available for purchase at Forbidden Planet! Or at least will be as soon as they’re placed on the shelves, which I would imagine can’t be too long. Along with the latest issue of UNLUCKY, which is also being sent to other stores across the nation… Plus, both will soon be available via the online store as well. There’s also been a lot of stuff happening behind the scenes, which again I can’t talk about (but I’m desperate to say almost anything at this rate, if only to off-set all the political psycho-babble I just threw up), so again moving on… Just got the Rock Band AC/DC Live track pack, but went through only one song thus far, and my redeem code for those 20 extra tracks finally showed up, which I have yet to even use, so with that in mind, how about shifting gears and instead talking about…. fashion?

One thing I keep forgetting to mention is how my buddy Brian recently rebooted Oddica. There’s four new designs out at the moment…

… With more promised soon. Best part is, everything is on sale for just ten bucks! Hit the store for more.

Then Slonie recently informed of the existence of Glennz, yet another former Threadless guy (or gal, or group) doing their own thing. Again, a sale’s going on with much to choose from…

And then there’s this guy. He’s literally from out of nowhere, and I only know about him from a comment he left in a very old post of mine (one of my i am 8-bit photo posts… which still gets around apparently). Not sure what his deal is, specifically if he’s one of the artists or the event’s curator or simply a photographer, but these are some pretty neat hats…

Finally, cuz its been a while, time to dip into the forums real quick like, the most video game apparel thread, for some Pac Man couture…

… Alright, that’s it. Time to get back to Order of Ecclesia.

  • Jason Sawtelle

    That Onion video is a gas. I have to agree with you pretty much all around Matt. If voters were really interested in “change”, why do they keep swallowing the closed 2-party system “solutions”?

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