Hey, It’s President Obama And Star Fox’s Girlfriend, Part 3

by Matthew Hawkins

Anyone still there? Good, cuz time for the final batch of random game related goodness from all across the web (btw, part one and href=”http://www.fort90.com/journal/?p=824″>part two for those who missed them)…

- Via the Electric Ant Zine crew; there’s unfortunately No Love For Street Fighters

- Someone SURE loved Shaq-Fu!

- Even more Shaq.

- If I’m gonna mention Tumblrs, I of course have to mention Mia

- And this

- Big ups to her btw for finding a Hatsune Miku music vid that I actually like! Dirty truth: I love the whole vocaloid thing, except for the actual music… gives me a headache.

- There’s nothing more awesome than a fake Famicom game that sounds awesome, so you wish was real, than someone who felt the same way and actually made it happen!

- It’s now 2011; are we any closer to getting that Messhof/Cactus iPhone game out?

- I also have to wonder if Steve will finally play Persona 4 this year? Cuz he sure didn’t do so last year!

- Guess I know now why the version of Philistine in the No More Heroes 2 soundtrack is different; that’s how it is in the Japanese version of the game. Oh well.

- Playing old SNES games emulated on your computer is fine and all, but nothing beats the actual hardware. Hence why this flash cart is so damn awesome

… Though you know what’ll get me REALLY excited? One for the Genesis, of course.

- Who says only hipsters in Brooklyn plays dodge ball? They do so in LA as well, and they dress up as game characters to boot.

- In my last post, I made sure to highlight one of the Doc Future’s hits in 2010, though the dude’s output was so intense that he had MANY. Like “Hey, Deej” for example.

- Then you have someone named Sollah who?s also doing some pretty interesting stuff. Like this one, mixing Sonic and 9/11 plus Sonic and the BP oil spill are worth watching.

- Surely you’ve all heard of the Sonic hack that replaces some gold rings with onion rings and turns Sonic into a fat fuck if he eats them, right?

- Unfortunately this is just animated clip, not from a working game, but man it would be sweet if Sonic & Knuckles was actually remade like this.

- Whereas this is for real, an actual working game, and was the final nail in the coffin of Sonic 4.

- The following was sent to me directly, no doubt due to the Sonic Xtreme work in progress vids I have hosted on YouTube; apparently someone or some folks are gonna finish the job. Interesting to say the least.

- Ladies and gentlemen, Toy Story 4 by Simon Chong

- A neat, rocking Metroid image by swiftseraph….

- Ken as Ken by slaterman23

- Damn straight

- I always love looking at what could have been

… Why do I get the impression that not as much care went into them choosing the Spider-Man font for the PS3?

- Remember a while ago, me writing about some dude making an OutRun arcade cab into a real moving vehicle? Well, they did it!

- For budding musicians out there who want to know how to recreate one of the most iconic sounds in video games themselves

- The evolution of the joypad

- An actual Beam Katana that they have just lying around the Grasshopper office

- If God played video games

- Want to know what the 12 most expensive video games in Tokyo are?

- Classic tracks from the SNES redone as Genesis music? YES!!!

- For you Gunpei Yokoi fans out there, this coverage of a recent art exhibit is definitely a must read. It includes all his hits and misses. Translation: yes they had a Virtual Boy handy.

- If there’s one video game review you read, let it be this one for Yakuza 3 by actual members of the Yakuza.

- Anyone else interested in 10 empty PlayStation 1 shells?

- This stage production inspired by Super Mario Bros simply reminds me that I never got around to writing about all the game oriented performance art I saw last summer at the Brick Theater! Oh boy…

- Remember: gamers are not rapists.

- Hooray for video game burlesque! First we have Mario & Luigi (portrayed as ladies) getting naked, Samus taking her armor off to reveal no Zero Suit, and some chick dressed as Sonic, playing with a ring. Good God. I hate this shit for anyone that doesn’t know already.

- Here’s a fascinating look at pinball in cinema, with a look towards how they’re nothing but trouble.

- Perhaps the best… and most arrogant… DDR player ever.

- What’s the verdict on Rock of the Dead? I like anything that reminds me of Typing Of The Dead, and I also dig Rock Band, so it seems like a decent mix!

- Do you like Pikachu? Do you like Pikachu as much as this guy?

- Time for some more mecha! First off, it’s amazing what you can do with just a few Lego blocks

- So the makers of Senko no Ronde doing another mech game, one that’s kinda Radiant Silvergun-ish? Sounds good to me!

- And yes, I’m still a sucker for girls that are part robot, in their panties

- Check out these Persona 3 & 4 key chains (no doubt they’ve been making the rounds at anime conventions already)…

- Been so busy that I barely have time to check in to Pixiv these days, though Persona piece somewhat made itself know to me

- I think I came across this mash-up thanks to Mathew Kumar originally?

- What is love? Video games of course

- Why did no one get excited by the news that yet another new Dreamcast game is on the way? Probably cuz we all know it’s gonna suck!

Hence why Last Hope: Pink Bullets is an especially epic train wreck. But hey, collectors gotta collect.

- Speaking of note caring; yet another d from The Onion.

- Mega Man 2 as a pop-up book…

- Related: I absolutely love Andrew Wilson‘s take on Mega Man’s foes…

- This Super SF4 wallpaper is just super kawaii!

… Full size version can be found here.

- If I had been born five or ten years earlier, I would probably look like this

- My God what I would do to get my hands on a rom of this unfinished SNES game based upon Christopher Columbus

- Man, the C64 version of Total Recall is apparently much cooler than the NES one

- It’s funny cuz it’s true…

- Since hasn’t been enough Pokemon, and especially Mortal Kombat content around here, it’s called killing two birds with one stone…

- Yes, it’s Pyramid Head surfing for porn…

- What makes this especially funny is the jpeg’s original name, which I didn’t dare touch…

- Man I wish I was in Japan for this (it’s a chiptunes thing, btw)…

- A new eroge title is making it’s way to the US, called My Girlfriend Is The President! Which reminds me; my reviews of Kira Kira and other Mangagamer titles are WAY overdue. Maybe next time?

- Neat blog posts about the creator of Katamari Damacy visiting Panic HQ. He even got the chance to check out the Katamari art show at Floating Worlds, and that reminds me… did I ever get the chance to mention that Katie had a piece in it?

- Be sure to also check out this documentary starring Keita!

- And for those who are fans of Jeff Minter, be sure to download the (free!) ebook that traces the history of Llamasoft.

- YouTube vids showing some sprawling game collection that a diehard gamer has spent his life assembling are somewhat a dime a dozen, but very few have an accompanying interview.

- What happens when you mix Phoenix Wright, Evangelion, Dragon Ball, and other assorted anime? Something called Video Game Project IV: Rebirth, that’s what.

- I wanted to include this in my top game related videos of 2010 last time, but the Lady Gaga as a Saturn game one basically took it’s spot since it was somewhat similar. So here’s the alternate choice.

- Easily, the headline of 2k10 from Kotaku, far as I’m concerned.

- And finally, the featured attraction…

… That’s it! BUT FOR HOW LONG???

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