Get Ready For… Fangamer ? Attract Mode (From The Attract Mode Archive: #114)

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

The following post originally appeared on attractmo.de, on August 12, 2014.

Two years ago, ourselves and our best buds at Fangamer decided to engage in a friendly showdown, with downtown Seattle as the backdrop. The outcome of that now legendary battle, dubbed Fangamer VERSUS Attract Mode, was inconclusive as they say.

Then last year, for part two, both parties decided to put their differences aside and combine forces, and thus Fangamer X Attract Mode was the result. This particular contest did indeed have a clear winner, and it was you dear friend.

So here we are, round three. And to commemorate the mutual respect and understanding that both sides have been able to forge, the 2014 Edition of Game Art/Chiptune/Indie Arcade/Drinkathon Seattle Special shall therefor be dubbed… Fangamer ? Attract Mode!

… Okay, lousy attempt at spinning this year’s late summer social, plus the ones that came before it, in the form of a fighting game backstory aside, it’s gonna be pretty rad. Not to brag, but we’ve basically perfected the witches brew that every PAX Prime attendee desperately needs on a Saturday night, and this year we have on tap…

The theme of the show (just to be clear) is love in all its many forms. Like the bond between you and your partner… as you both attempt to save a race of space bunnies from evil robots. I’m speaking of the one game that will finally convince you to get a Xbox One, aka Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime by Asteroid Base.

Now, working together is wonderful and all, yet so is healthy competition, to let everyone know who’s the boss. That’s where the next big thing in indie gaming that’s waiting to explode (which you may already know about) comes in; we’re proud to have Andy Wallace’s Particle Mace on hand, which will be a Fangamer ? Attract Mode exclusive!

And it being our third time doing this, we’re proud to announce three games playable this year. It’s yet another outer space jaunt, but instead of just flying around stars and meteors, you’ll heading straight forward into them. Brought to by the power of VR is ZeroTransform’s Vanguard V, yet another Fangamer ? Attract Mode exclusive.

For starters we have the Super Soul Bros, who will kick the evening off nice and chill like, with their infectious jazz/funk/soul interpretations of your favorite game melodies.

Next, making his long awaited return is the man whose lyrical prowess blew the roof off at our inaugural Seattle shindig. No longer just an underground sensation, people far and wide have heard his beats loud and clear, so your turn is next: it’s Random, aka Mega Ran.

And last but not least is the hardest working man in the business of creating music for games today, as well as the one who has established the gold standard for remixes and covers, which absolutely no one can come close to touching: it’s Jake Kaufman, aka Virt.

Simply put, Fangamer and Attract Mode are proud to be associated with the absolute finest cartoonists, illustrators, and fine artists you’ll find today, and we are equally delighted for yet another opportunity to flaunt this fact. The following is the list of participants confirmed thus far (and is therefore subject to change):

Scott Balmer, Mariel Cartwright, Georgina Chacón, Helen Mingjue Chen, Jason Cryer, Ashley Davis, Daniel Dussault, Jacob Ferguson, Kyle Fewell, Kari Fry, Zac Gorman, Nicole Gustafsson, Heart Machine, Tyson Hesse, Sean Husbands, Matthew Kenyon, Corey Lewis, Melissa King, Jon Magram, Mikey Mann, Nina Matsumoto, Minusbaby, Momo & Sprits, Asif Siddiky, Jacob Smiley, Kelly Smith, Kevin Jay Stanton, Wes Talbott, Babs Tarr, Elise Tiffin, Jesse Tise, Jovo Ve, Ian Wilding, Laura Wilson, and Drew Wise

Every piece from every artist will be available for purchase, and if you’re lucky, he or she might be present to sign their handiwork if you’d like, or in case you just wanted to let them know personally how awesome they are (which they’d sincerely appreciate).

Remember how I mentioned drinks? The man who has essentially defined what video game themed cocktails can and should be is again lending his mixed mastery skills: The Drunken Moogle himself, aka Mitch Hutts.

But yeah; a chance to spend a night playing games that others would die to get their hands on, the privilege of having one’s eardrums assaulted by the best damn game inspired beats & riffs imaginable, performed live, the opportunity to have one’s imagination captivated/soul stirred by artists’ love letters to electronic entertainment, plus a refreshing drink that will simultaneously remind you of your fave game series or character AND get you blotto!

Though no worries; we’ll also have assorted non-alcoholic beverages and stuff to snack on. And the asking price? Simply fifteen bucks. You can either purchase tickets in advance [by clicking this link] or at the door.

And where will the gateway to such an epic time be located? Same place as it’s been for the past two years:

1927 Events
1927 3rd Ave
Seattle, WA 98101

What time? 7:00pm-midnight. And that date again, just to be safe? August 30th, 2014.

Get ready to feel the love Seattle, get ready to feel FANGAMER ? ATTRACT MODE

Every shindig needs a Facebook event page, and so does ours. It’s a good idea to RSVP, since that way you can get updates. And there’s plenty we’ll be unveiling over the new few weeks!

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