by Matthew Hawkins

All right, been waiting for what feels like forever to pass along the following. For those who haven’t heard the news (or did, but didn’t check out the Magic Pony Showcase link), later this month, I’ll be in Toronto for?

Been a while since I last curated an art show. Late 2010 to be exact, for a pair of exhibitions at Babycastles Manhattan, back when I was still a part of that outfit. Last summer in Seattle, at PAX Prime, was approached by Chris Butcher, the man who runs The Toronto Comics Art Festival, about the possibility of Attract Mode helping out with something that he and The Hand Eye Society were cooking up, on the behalf of TIFF Nexus.

Which is why I’ve been so busy these past couple of weeks. COMICS VS GAMES is being brought to you by an army of incredibly awesome people, and it’s a real honor to have been asked to be part of such a legitimately groundbreaking event. My job was to help produce game inspired artwork by some of my peeps from the world of cartooning, to help pretty up the Magic Pony. I’m confident that the results will seriously blow everyone away!

You’ll be hearing more about the event in the coming weeks, once the official PR machine goes full steam ahead, but right now, here’s a sneak peak at the nearly final line-up of artists that are participating. It’s a nice mix of names that who follows Attract Mode should be instantly familiar with, along with superstars from their own respective circles, all of whom I’ve long wanted to work with. In alphabetical order?

- Lamar Abrams

- Georgina Chac?n

- Lindsay Collins

- Ashley Davis

- Jacob Ferguson

- Kyle Fewell

- Chris Furniss

- Zac Gorman

- Olly Jones

- HamletMachine

- Kris Mukai

- Mar? Odomo

- Cory Schmitz

- Jovan Velkoski

? Like I said, there might be even more names added to that list in the coming days/weeks.

I can’t even being to describe what a thrill it’s been thus far, and things have only just gotten started! And there’s plenty more Comics Vs. Games news to come, so as they say in the game Rez, stay alert?

Oh, btw, this weekend is PAX East, and I’ll be there on the behalf of the Attract Mode portion of the Fangamer booth, naturally. And there’s an announcement pertaining to that end as well! Which I might mention around here, or over at the soon to be relaunched AM blog, provided it’s up in time for the show. Finger’s crossed!

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