Gee, Now I Wish I Had Held Onto My Yellow Dreamcast Controller, And Yellow VMU Also

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

In a continuing effort to stick to at least one of my guns, and that’s keeping this place somewhat updated regularly… and along with the realization that, at this point, pretty much everyone has fast enough internet to be able to comfortably consume a post that has multiple YouTube embeds (at the very least, heard no complaints last week)… I present a new semi-official, and semi-regular feature!

And that’s a handpicked selection of totally random game related vids. Some of which might be oldies but goodies, and some of which might be news to you (as always, but the difference here is how they aren’t hidden behind words you click, nor lost in the shuffle amongst random static imagery, which tends to happen a lot in my random image/link dumps that are usually 78 pages long). K, enough with the unnecessary explanation…

- First thing’s first; the other night, while watching a K-pop music video showcase one of the five or so Korean cable channels that I have access to, a vid for K-hip-hop group Fresh Boyz came on. And the last thing I could have expected was a “guest appearance” by local chiptune maestro, Bit Shifter:

- I just don’t understand why Facade still doesn’t get nearly as much play as it deserves. Sure interactive fiction has made leaps and bounds since, but can they let you do this:

- Apparently Jurassic Park: Trespasser is the game I’ve long been waiting for. Cuz I’ve long wanted a game in which you can both pet raptors as well as killing them, and not necessarily in that order:

- If you’re like me, you consider yourself somewhat of a retro gamer, one who probably knows a good deal about the Mega Drive and Super Famicom, even the obscure stuff. But when it comes to PC Engine, you’re perhaps a bit lost as well. So here we have 100 games in 10 minutes:

- Here we have a dude showing off the mother of all Dreamcast collections. A good 35% of what he shows off is stuff I had zero idea existed:

- I know everyone’s familiar with Vinesauce, and like everyone else, I love the corruptions, but not so much the commentary. Still, his Sesame Street clip is still the best:

- Finally, and not to recycle content from other places, but the Winter Olympics is coming up! But due to the host nation’s dogma as it pertains to homosexuals, I will try my best to not watch the games, which will be admittedly tough. Thankfully a little know European only Super FX release called Winter Gold can help fill that void (and which I featured a while ago, over at Attract Mode):

… K, I think eight is enough?

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