by Matthew Edward Hawkins

Well, the cat is officially out of the bag: I am now the official east coast representative for Attract Mode! What does that mean exactly? Well, the details will come in due time, just know that I’ll be working closely with Adam to help further it’s mission statement, which is to make Attract Mode the definitive source for all your video game culture needs.

As for that “east coast” part, for one thing, Attract Mode and it’s fine assortment of flat-out amazing game related goods will be present at assorted shows and events throughout the year, like the MoCCA Art Fest, SPX, plus others hopefully, with myself behind the table.

But first stop, Boston; both Adam and I will be on-hand for PAX East’s debut next weekend, sharing some space with the wonderful folks at 2 Player Productions. And in addition to AM’s usual selection (which one can indulge in without having to worry about shipping costs), we’ll also be offering some totally hawt threads from Meat Bun! SO much awesomeness in one spot, can you believe it?

Unfortunately, there’s one thing that will not be present, but is still on track for MoCCA in NYC…

… Along with something else, which is a secret for now, so stay tuned. Anyway, here’s a larger sized version for those who want a closer look. And to see it without the big stupid teaser across, you’ll just have to wait (and purchase) the final book!

The cover image btw is courtesy of Mariel Cartwright, aka kinuko from the Mecha Fetus collective. Gorgeous isn’t it? And inside you’ll find even more great stuff, such as writings by both Eric Caoili, from Tiny Cartridge, and Brian Liloia, formerly of Click-Stick, yet another ultra delectable (and totally sexy) pin-up by Hilary Florido, plus a forward by Life Meter’s Dave Roman! Oh, and I write a few things in it as well.

Get ready…

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