Fangamer ? Attract Mode… Some Last Minute Details (From The Attract Mode Archive: #117)

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

The following post originally appeared on attractmo.de, on August 30, 2014.


We are a little less than 6 hours away from the doors opening to 1927 Events, which is where Fangamer ? Attract Mode is taking place!

Am currently trying to figure out the placement of all the pieces, though it’s been a tad bit slow going since I can’t help but zone out on all the crazy little details, as well as the overall gorgeousness, of what’s on hand. Hence all the Instagram pics.

Here’s some more (btw, first one coming up is by Jesse Tise, who is the same guy who illustrated our Samurai Gunn shirts, fyi)…


And here’s a gander at something that hasn’t been previewed on these parts: Zac Gorman’s take on One True Pairing. Got fan fic that needs some art? We’ve got you covered…


Oh, so my partner in the crime on the Fangamer side, Jon Kay, really went beyond the call of duty this year by creating this super fab catalog help you choose what you want…


And a sneak peek at this year’s drink menu, again courtesy of the Drunk Moogle…


You’ll need one of these to get in the door…


K, got one last minute announcement to make: as noted, the party kick off at 7:00 and rages on till midnight. So if you’ve got dinner plans, there’s plenty of time to swing on by. But for those who will be heading to the show immediately after PAX Prime’s floor closes, we’ve got a very special treat!

We are delighted to announce that beloved local staple Dick’s Drive In is headlining the catering this year! There will be exactly 300 hamburgers/cheeseburgers to dine on…

Please, PLEASE: one burger per person, thank you. Oh, and we’ll have the usual cheese and crackers and veggies for non-meat eaters as well.

One more thing: those of you in Seattle know already that it’s raining (gee, big shocker), so save some time waiting in line by purchasing tickets online. But you only have till 2:00 TODAY TO DO SO. Otherwise you can purchase tickets at the door, like normal. See you all tonight!

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