Face The Facts

by Matthew Hawkins

Today’s second attempt at a Coney Island sojourn was successful! Just got back from a quite relaxing afternoon and evening spent with Joe and June; mostly chilled on the beach, went on one of the new rides, had way too much Nathan’s, played some skee ball and Ms. Pac-Man, checked out the Coney Island museum, almost got a Koko the Killer Clown shirt, discussed future projects, plus got sun burnt. Even got the chance to finally set foot on Beer Island; the place as a whole is definitely superior when it’s not insanely packed, like on most weekends.

Wanted to take pictures, but traveled super light, on account of not wanting sand to get into everything. Thankfully the iPhone’s camera is superb, but it’s almost impossible to see what you’re shooting under direct sunlight. At least this came out. Anyway, had such a great time that I’m going back tomorrow! To check out some wrestling thing, at the stadium, to be exact. Though my mini-vacation came at a cost; am behind on various things, so might have to pass on seeing Ric Flair in the flesh. On the plus side, that means I’ll be around to catch the midnight screening of Horny House Of Horrors at the NYAFF.

Anyway, real quick, forgot to pass along last night: I mentioned my most recent Kickstarter update, in which I apologized for the delay, explained what’s been going on, and offered a new timeframe for completion (the end of August). But I forgot to actually pass along the link, which is here. Furthermore, I also passed along the final cover for the upcoming zine, which I’ll do so again here…

… Seriously, isn’t just beautiful? Again, props to Farel and Cory!

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