Even Prisoners Need To Dream(cast) As Well

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

Hey, Radilgy and Under Defeat (finally) arrived today! Thank God, I was starting to get worried… I never have much luck with mail it seems. Now all I have to worry about is the stuff Katie (and I think Dave as well) sent for my birthday last week.

Perfect timing too, since I’ve been on a real Dreamcast kick as of late. I spent much of last night going through my library: Tech Romancer, Project Justice, Mars Matrix, Zero Gunner 2, and Typing of the Dead, of course.

Speaking off, I just found out that Sega made another typing game utilizing Space Harrier. And while it does looks fairly neat, in the end, I’d much rather use fast and accurate typing skills to kill zombies instead of double ended dragons, I’m afraid.

It’s funny because Sega seems to be all over the news, so since I’m on the subject already…

- Most are completely unaware of the existence of the Sonic the Hedgehog arcade game that came out way back in ’92 which was controlled by a trackerball (you know, that ball thing you used in Centipede). Well here’s a super-play vid of the game in action, and it looks pretty damn awesome actually.

- And some more footage from Sonic Xtreme was recently released. Check out the Red Sands level.

- Gamestop reports that downloadable games aren’t just heading towards the Revolution but also the Xbox Live Arcade later this year. This obvious steals much of the thunder from Nintendo, but to be honest, I already love the idea of playing Ranger X on the 360 controller already.

- Sega has just trademarked four new names with “Virtua” in them. And no, Virtua Hamster 2 is not included I’m afraid.

- With E3 just around the corner, they’re also announcing a new game each day till the show. Thus far we have Virtua Tennis for the PS3 & 360 (it seems that Table Tennis might be some serious competition. I wouldn’t be surprised if Yakuza ends up being one of the big bombshells they wait till the end to reveal.

- And I know we go through the same song and dance every year, but rumors of a next-gen iteration of NiGHTS is stronger than ever (and the Rev is the one system everyone’s guessing on). Personally, as diehard NiGHTS fanboy, I almost don’t want to see a sequel, since there’s no way in hell that it could ever equal the impact of the first game. Somethings are better left in the past… though I won’t mind a straight-forward port of the original with a graphical facelift, so long as no one touches the music.

- Here’s some French site that’s predicting that both NiGTHS and Burning Rangers are PSP bound. A Burning Rangers sequel on the other-hand I can firmly stand behind; I loved the game on the Saturn, but it was simply too much for the system at the time. That NiGHTS screenshot, for those who are wondering, is from a recent EyeToy mini-game.

- Plus, here’s a story of some inmate that’s pissed that the folks who run his prison has broken his Dreamcast.

- Going from the Dreamcast to the DS, I just found out from Jonnyram that the man behind Chibi Robo, Kenichi Nishi, is set to work on a new DS game called LOL DS! The funny thing is here is that Nishi he made Lack of Love, more commonly known as LOL, for the Dreamcast, which is this super esoteric adventure title that features the music of (and was even co-designed by?) Ryuichi Sakamoto, of Yellow Magic Orchestra fame.

- As mentioned previously, in addition to the Dreamcast, the DS is getting plenty of use; aside from me caring for my Nintendog, MK is obsessed with Lost in Blue. Yesterday I mentioned how she asked me to help build a bed for her since it requires really fast and tricky use of the stylus, but now she insists on doing it herself.

- Finally, this is neither Sega nor DS related, and I don’t even know what the story behind it is, but I just find this, for whatever reason, totally amazing.

  • Slonie

    Rocks.jpg is awesome. And you can play Segasonic The hedgehog on an emulator (even MAME by now, I think). Last time I tried it was a little screwed up, but it’s amazing anyway!

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