Almost There…

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

As usual, TONS of stuff going on. Of the things I can talk about?

First and foremost, am happy to announce that FORT90ZINE4ANSWER is officially in the home stretch! I’m still in the midst of re-writing a piece, which means I’m not quite done with the layout either. Otherwise, things are looking great.

Unfortunately it’s always two steps forward, one step back; the final hurdle will be getting the damn thing printed. I’m officially done with the print shop that I’ve been using off and on for the past few years; every time they screw up, I go somewhere else, who does a worse job, and am back at square one, who then manages to somewhat redeem themselves.

One of the numerous reasons why I didn’t get it done in time for TCAF (looking back, that was pretty much the dumbest plan imaginable to being with) is how, before flying out, I got the covers done at the aforementioned sh*t-shack, and which they totally botched up. Despite the same instructions that I’ve been issuing for the past? I dunno? four years now?

If anyone reading this can recommend a good printing solution, one that’s preferably local, it would be much appreciated. Oh, and semi-relatedk; here’s something that was passed along to me by Raina a while ago, but which I kept forgetting to post; a random FORT90ZINE #1 appearance in some food blog!

It would seem that the author’s hobby, aside from fine eats, is fine reads! But unfortunately, it’s no longer active, but here’s the source anyway.

Speaking of random pics, something awesome was posted on Twitter last night. I asked Gerritt for a copy (was an picture an old cell phone from PAX Prime 2010), and here it is, with the same cropping he employed?

Third up: for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, here’s my review of Indie Game: The Movie for Kotaku?

It was a very tricky and difficult task to undertake, since I know it’s such a hot topic. Many colleagues of mine are absolutely adore the film, and I also know a few who are actually involved in it as well. All I can say is that I tried my best to be as objective as possible, and I believe the final piece speak for itself. Though, at the risk of stirring the pot even further, I can’t help but call attention to this.

Speaking of movies, next is how the NYAFF 2012 is almost here, as noted at the top of the month. It officially kicks off in two weeks, but for myself, things are already in full swing. My coverage will begin shortly beforehand, and will coincide with the long planned for relaunch of this blog! Starting with post #900 (cuz, you know, this site is called FORT90 after all, in case the reference wasn’t obvious enough).

Though I will say this, right now: that aforementioned movie with the zombies, Buddhist robot, and giant meteor in the form of an 8 ball that a little girl orders on the internet? It is indeed damn good, so buy your tickets today!

And finally, the NYAFF will be my primary focus for the new couple of weeks? along with a little something else that I really can’t get into. Let’s just say that I might be putting together another art show-type thing for later this year? More on that when the time comes!

Till then, a little some that was intended for my last shindig and wasn’t finished in time, but which I’m glad was completed eventually; in addition to being a big fan of Gitaroo Man, Olly is also clearly a huge fan of Sin & Punishment?

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