A Book About Nintendo With An Orange Cover/Old Black & White Photos From A San Francisco Arcade (From The Attract Mode Archive: #016)

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

The following post originally appeared on attractmo.de, on October 26, 2012.

Once again. ALBOTAS has dug up something incredibly rad that mixes video games and some other media. In this particular case, the printed page, aka my personal favorite combo.

The above is the handiwork of Adam Benton, a graphic design student in the UK. For one of his bookmaking and screenprinting assignments, he decided to do a zine that was all about Nintendo. Benton explains:

“The inside consists a little history of the company, some memorable people, and a timeline of when each console came out in Europe and all the images are screenprinted and then scanned in for the book. A separate folder full of original prints will be along side it. The book is Japanese stab bound and printed on Japanese rice paper to keep with the company’s origins.”

Very few things are as sexy as an orange cover AND rice paper together. I also really hope Benton’s instructor gave him an A+.

Moving on, a little something else; an oldie but definitely a goodie, courtesy of Edge. These old black and white photos are from the golden age of the arcade and were recently acquired by the Standard University Libraries.

They were taken between 1980 and 81 to be exact, by award-winning photographer Ira Nowinksi, who traveled to various arcades across the San Francisco Bay Area. With 650 images in total, only a few have been digitized thus far…

Hopefully efforts are being made to preserve them all.

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