25 Years Later And The Genesis Still Does (Some Amazing Things) (From The Attract Mode Archive: #093)

by Matthew Edward Hawkins

The following post originally appeared on attractmo.de, on January 13, 2014.

Apologizes if it’s old news, but I only recently discovered the clip above. And for those who have no clue what they’re seeing/what they just saw, it’s an oldie but goodie from Nico Nico that has been completely reengineered to play on the Sega Genesis.

You can compare it with the original clip here. It’s a follow up to something from a year priorand is far closer to the source material, as one can tell. Though as a fan of chunky pixels, the first attempt to not too shabby, IMHO. But yeah, it’s legit Mega Drive/Genesis code; imagine if the above had come out during the 16-bit wars? Unfortunately, Twitter and much of the internet that we’re familiar with didn’t exist back then, but it’s a safe bet that the editors at EGM and that guy who worked at FuncoLand would have been beside themselves.

Unfortunately, even if someone had been able to create such a thing, the final cartridge would have been cost prohibitive. The demo weighs in at 8 megabytes (or 8MB). When you consider how the first 6 megabit cartridge was Phantasy Star 2, and how it retailed for about $80 upon its debut, and also how 8 megabits is equal to 1 megabyte… Sorry, I’m bad at math and therefore clueless about the exact amount, but it would cost a lot I bet.

Anyhow, one can run Bad Apple on actual Genesis hardware, with the proper flash cart. And now I have a second reason to pick one up, with the first being that Starfox demo. Also, time for a quick bonus vid: the following sees if the Genesis is able to break the maximum number of colors that be displayed simultaneously, which is 64. Some guy not only really loves the Genesis but either has a bright future in creating motion graphics for ESPN or already has that job:

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