September 2011

Well, it’s the end of the week, and the end of the month, so now’s a good time as any for an update, one might suppose. BTW, apologizes in advance for jankier than usual grammar; my Mac is currently devoid of Word, which often helps to lessen the blow and embarrassment, somewhat. But which I am currently without, for reason I’m about to explain?

Once Again, I Love Technology, But Dear God, Technology Hates My Me With A Passion

Anyone who follows me on Twitter is well aware of my struggles with Lion. My MacBook Pro was operating flawlessly until I was stupid enough to upgrade, despite everyone saying “what are you: retarded, a masochist, or both?” And I paid the price by becoming a willing victim of, without a doubt, the buggiest POS OS that Apple has ever produced.

And don’t get me started on all the ridiculous logic and design inconsistencies. True, version .0 of anything will have issues, but this is ridiculous. Tiger, Leopard, and Snow Leopard had irregularities, but they were just that, irregularities, not system crushing issues. Also, .1 of Lion sure as hell ain’t all that much better.

Anyhow, it came to a point in which my technical difficulties became so absurd that I had to seek professional help. Especially since my year long “complimentary” Apple Care was almost up. And those who were around Twitter last weekend knows already the hell that I went through. Long story short, the Apple Store “Geniuses” were just as inept and rude as I had anticipated, though even I couldn’t have predicted three trips in a single 24 hour timespan.

They basically misdiagnosed a hardware issue, which led to them needlessly removing my MacBook Pro’s internal hard drive. Then came efforts to migrate data to the new internal HD from an external one, via Time Machine, which was also dying. BTW, the external was also relatively new and working flawlessly, up until? you guessed it? Lion got involved. Here’s a fun-fact: not a single Apple employee I spoke with has Lion installed on their home Macs, nor do they trust Time Machine. Telling, don’t you think?

Their method of migration, which took like five hours to execute btw, didn’t work all that well because supposedly everything was corrupted. It was also noted that USB 2.0 HDs are not that great and prone to failures due to Time Machine being so aggressive with the constant writing and re-writing of data. Despite the fact that they have an entire part of the store that’s nothing but and for sale. Hilarious. I was also told plenty of other ridiculous things, though their attitudes is what pissed me off the most.

This one Genius simply couldn’t understand how removing a perfectly fine internal hard drive, which never really exhibited any real issues, resulted in huge pain in the ass. It was claimed that swapping it back in was easy as hell? which I’m sure is the case? but why in the hell should I have to waste the time and effort on their screw up? It was also suggested that I could simply get an enclosure. Again, more time and now money being wasted because of them.

Sure they’re like “only” $10 via Newegg, not including shipping. When I said that I needed to access my data ASAP, the Genius brought up overnight shipping, like it doesn’t cost and arm and a leg. Ultimately had to roam around the city to find one, which was not easy on a Sunday night, let me tell you. Ended up with one from Best Buy for like $70. lulz. BTW, why did they’s just reinsert the old HD into my Mac? They just didn’t want to. “You just got a second hard drive, what’s the problem?” Well, I didn’t want another one, I just wanted my machine to work, period.

So why the hesitation? They were not supposed to give me back my original HD, it’s against policy. Guess they felt stupid for the mistake made, hence the bending of the rules. Though re-opening my Mac would have set off too many red flags, I gather, so at that point, they just wanted me out of their hair. Oh, and not only was their data migration ineffective, but my administrative password was hosed. So basically, all that time spent was in vein, plus I had to blow even more time and bandwidth re-downloading Lion!

I also love how troubleshooting and OS management in general has been made so much more difficult, so the second time re-installing Lion didn’t erase the previous account. Which resulted in yet ANOTHER three hours wasted downloading and installing. Much of the weekend was basically robbed by Apple’s inane cloud computing mechanism. I could go on and on, but basically, if you haven’t done so, do not install Lion. It’s an absolute horror show that not only doesn’t work properly and brings new things to the table that is genuine nonsense, but it also risks damaging your Mac as well, no lie.

In the end, I was able to migrate everything from the old internal to the new one, via the enclosure (which I intend to return since I could use that $70 in so many better ways), and also move all the non Time Machine content onto my back-up external, plus have written off Time Machine once and for all (which I still recommend for Leopard and Snow Leopard users btw; it’s the whole Versions thing in Lion that messes things up). But that meant a bum drive that I had to destroy, which I totally tried doing in a not so smart fashion. Oh well, lesson learned.

? BTW, I absolutely love how some though I was totally making thing up, about me trying to smash a hard drive to bits while naked. I never joke about such things. K, enough talk about computers, how about instead?

Girls, Girls, Girls

Hopefully everyone’s been keeping abreast of the totally awesome stuff (if I don’t say so myself) I’ve been posting on GSW, especially this past week. I’ll present another rundown of stuff that folks might have missed in a while, though real quick, I’m still mostly proud of the revelation that Kirby 64 takes place on a post-apocalyptic earth. Yes, just like in Adventure Time.

But it’s the stuff I’m producing over at Guyism that’s been getting the most chatter. Mostly due to my focus on “hot chicks” who are so adamant about being legit diehard gamers. Not to brag, but I was the first to break word that Tiger Wood’s porn star mistress would be playing her ex-boy toys video game, live on the internet, and topless.

And that aforementioned article got enough circulation to attract the attention of the Playboy model I mention, and whose gaming cred I cast doubt upon, Jo Garcia. Long story short, she’s determined to prove that affinity for gaming is genuine and not just some lame ass attempt to pander to “nerds”, so I’m going to be interviewing during an online Xbox Live session of something, still don’t know what. And that could be interesting, perhaps.

Meanwhile, on a completely different note, I had dinner with a gal pal? who shall remain nameless? and during dinner she brought up her experiences with being a sorority sister, one that was ultimately kicked out of her house, and it was the most batsh*t insane thing I had ever heard. Mostly due to the initiation rites, which involved real deal Freemasonry/Illuminati hijinks. Secret handshakes, reciting of gobbledygook, and drinking of rat poison. Not a lot, not enough to kill you, but enough to put you in a haze, since it’s supposed to cloud ones mind, make it all like a dream.

Well my friend ended up drinking too much, which led to her blacking out; when she woke up, she was told that she been running around the campus parking lot, naked. Which ultimately led to events that resulted in her expulsion. Including some in-fights with several sisters. I forget if they wore special dresses or not, because if they did, then it totally sounds like that scene from Manos The Hands Of Fate in which all his wives are going at it. So hawt. And once again: women love to hate each other.

Another case in point: that horrible new NBC show about the dopey chick, Whitney, has come up in conversation an awful lot this past week along. Can’t blame all my female friends for being so annoyed with yet another created by committee notion of an “every woman” that’s anything but. It’s almost as bad as that trailer for some comedic chick flick in which one of the characters goes “We don’t like doggie style? seriously, we DON’T. Women might say that do, but we totally do not.” Yeah right. Again, women hate other women!

? In-joke btw. Oh also, here’s something even more cryptic: finally got a book, written by this woman who details certain activities that are, you could say, sexually tinged. And in a memoir fashion, so I’m looking to see if I’m included! No, we didn’t have sex with her, that wasn’t her line of work, but again? I’ve said too much!

But No Ice T

Went to the Gears Of War 3 launch release party. I’ll be honest: the only reason why I even bothered was because of Ice T. Not to bitch about work, but it was implied that he’s be in attendance, though given how connected he had been for the past couple of months, it was practically a given regardless.

Here’s the deal: I’ve met a lot of “famous” folks over the years, and have always kept it totally professional, like a cucumber. Believe it or not, but when I met Shigeru Miyamoto, I did not go into full-on Nintendo fanboy mode as most might in my position. But for Ice, I actually brought along my copy of the first Body Count album for him to autograph (which I would normally NEVER do).

It was my very first CD, acquired before I even had a CD player! Was always going to get it, but the album being pulled due to the Cop Killer controversy necessitated a hasty purchase. Which in turn led me on a wild goose chase that ended up at the most ghettotastic record joint in Tacoma, WA. Was the only white person in miles (which is saying a lot, considering how whitbread the entire state is).

Well, one of two; my dad was less than thrilled with taking me to such an establishment. But the folks at the store were really nice! And had a surprisingly decent heavy metal section. I actually left my apartment super early, because I’d be damned if I’d be late due to rush hour subway traffic, and of course, I’d get totally caught in some burt pipe or what not.

Which led to the absolute most abysmal response to an unforeseen? well, anything really, by the MTA that I have personally witnessed. The way they were herding people around like cattle and their refusal to answer any questions made one honestly believe that there was something serious going on. It was that bad. And no, there wasn’t a terrorist attack, they were just being extra dicks.

And needless to say, I was fuming to hear that Ice wasn’t in the building, and instead, the musical guest for the night was some other guy who I won’t even bother to try and remember. I was also legit shocked to see, via Twitter, that he was instead seeing the crappy Straw Dogs remake that night instead. Though it was later explained that he had an early morning at the SVU set. Fair enough.

Instead I interviewed the producer from GoW, which was okay I guess. Cliffy B, whom I had last seen at my Heavenly Symphony opening last year, was also there, but super busy, so I left him alone. As for the rest of the night, mostly just hung out, played a little bit of the game, and enjoyed some free drinks. The usual. Though I did run into an old friend, one that I totally didn’t expect to see again in about a billion years.

Remember how I was once the assistant manager of Medieval Times? Well, the reason how I got the gig was because I was pals with the princess at the castle (seriously). And whom I had lost touch with. Long story short, she was there, because she hosts some kind of talk show for video game personalities, and I’m going to be a guest in a few weeks! Stay tuned for details.

Dead Wrestlers

I also recently caught some live pro-wrasslin’ with Steve. It was a Ring of Honor show, at the Hammerstein Ballroom, aka the Manhattan Center. I forget if I’ve mentioned it already, but my interest in sports entertainment was recently reignited by the CM Punk angle earlier this summer, like for so many others.

Though I’m still way into things, despite the WWE totally dropping the ball. Mostly by hunting down old Japanese matches via YouTube. The new ROH show has also helped. I’m also seeing and hearing about it more in general, or so it would seem. Like the Dead Wrestler Society art show. Here’s a few of my faves?

And Star Wars

Time for some odds & ends?

- My new fave thing? Infinite Trench Run By Takashi Aoki & Alexander Peverett:

I wanted to write about it for GSW, until I realized that it was from the movie and not the original Star Wars arcade game. Sorry, but in my old age, my senses are getting dulled. BTW, regarding the Blu-rays, I’m just as offended as everyone else, but at this point, I think it would be hilarious if Lucas actually updated the movies every three months. Why the hell not at this point, right?

- I’ll just say it: I sorta want to see Wolverine as a trainer to Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots movie. Sorry.

- This is basically my new favorite thing ever: Japan’s ultra creepy commercials for McDonalds of all things.

- And guess what: I might be designing Facebook games very soon. More on that as it develops as well.

- Has everyone gotten the chance to check out the fort90forums ver 3.0 yet? Sadly, I’ve been so busy that I’ve hardly had time to give it much love myself. Thankfully there’s already a decent amount of Emma Watson pics to be found. Also, be sure to check out the wacky pick of some semi-naked girl being comforted by a white Optimus Prime before it gets yanked for being NSFW!

- And my new favorite album is something by Chris Burke? well before he became the chiptune sensation that everyone knows him as today. Or the host of This Spartan Life for that matter. Last night I went to see foci+loci with by pal Bill and his pal Bill (whom I’m also technically friends with at this point). Bill number two asked if we were familiar with Idioglossia, since Bill number one and I are pals with Chris and all. We were not. Turns out, it’s a critically acclaimed record he produced back in 1989, which we had no idea existed! Some friends we are, I know.

And wouldn’t you also know, later that night, him and Tamara performed two pieces from that album; last night’s show was actually helped put together by Mode Records, which also published Idioglossia. Aside from the two taking their act to a whole new level (it was by far the tightest, most technically impressive performance yet), it resulted in my first CD purchase in like two years! I hate trying to describe music, but if you dig Negativland, The Residents, all that kind of stuff, then Chris’s masterful blending of samples is easily up there with his masterful blending of Game Boy audio.

This Saturday, In Williamsburg

This upcoming weekend is APE in San Francisco, which a couple of my best buds will be doing, namely Hilary and Adam. Meanwhile, and seemingly out of nowhere, I’ll be doing a show myself here in NYC! Brooklyn to be exact.

For those who missed the original heads up in the news section of this site, I’ll be at Pete’s Mini Zine Fest, which runs 2-7 tomorrow all-day long, in Williamsburg. For more info, simply hit the updated Facebook event page. An no, I will not have the brand issue for sale, which I’m still working on!

Instead, it’ll be #2 & 3 for those who have yet to pick up a copy. Or just swing on by and say hello. I think admission is free? I’ll more than likely be next to Kyle. Come here us talk about the virtues of Turn A Gundam!

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… I’m also really loud compared to everyone else, plus I speak way too much in general.

Anyway, as noted last time (trust me, it’s there, way near the end), Adam and I were guests on the Fangamer Podcast this past weekend. And it’s finally live, for you listening enjoyment!

BTW, I just love how it’s their 90th episode, for perhaps obvious reasons… Simply head on over to the Fangamer Podcast page to nab the mp3. Adam and I had a ton of fun, discussing the formation of Attract Mode, where it’s headed, plus just games in general!

And hopefully everyone will have just as much fun listening also. Additionally, if I am indeed asked back, which I hope is the case, I promise to not ramble as much, become high pitched all of a sudden, or do anything else that’s as annoying. Apologizes in advance, especially to those listening via headphones!

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[NOTE: Like I said before, due to a technical issue, I'm running later than usual, and hence why there's more imagery than usual. But everyone has high speed internet at this point, right? For those who missed part one, here ya go. And again, the usual rules apply: for those with little time on their hands, just keep scrolling for pretty pictures. There's often an explanation of some kind nearby.]

PAX Prime 2011, Day 3

Since it was my last morning at the swanky hotel room, with the great view of the Space Needle, decided to take a pic?

The first thing I did Sunday morning was rush towards the main floor, in hopes that enough attendees had decided to sleep in, from being out all Saturday night (while I concerned myself with the train wreck that was the Minecraft party, Gerritt and Jen had gone to check out the live music, which has long been a staple of PAX). My primary destination? The Nintendo booth?

Again, PAX was all about making new pals, but also reconnecting with old ones. Like Kazimir Strzepek, whom I hadn’t seen since SPX some odd years ago. Little did I know that his day job was at Nintendo! Here he is demoing Super Mario 3D Land for Jacob?

Anyhow, mission accomplished! I got the chance to play both Super Mario Land 3D, plus Mario Kart 7, and most importantly, Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. And how were they? For those interested, I provided my two cents on all three over at Guyism. Along with my impressions of Capcom’s offerings, like Dead Rising 2: Off The Record and Street Fighter X Tekken.

Though I failed to mention how I ran into Seth Killian and totally forgot to ask if he got some of the blonde chick he was caught on film macking on at Gamescom. Wwhich I mentioned over at GameSetWatch, but the clip has since been pulled… bummer.

Anyhow, back to the Nintendo booth, it didn’t take long for the place to become jam-packed. Hence why I didn’t get the chance to test drive Rhythm Heaven for the Wii, but I did have fun watching others play it…

As well as check out all the awesome artwork from the game that was adorning the booth…

Here’s Pikachu with a huge bong that I ran into (minus ten points for missing the chance to make the far too easy, yet super effective Pokeball as a weed apparatus joke)?

The Skyrim booth was easily one of the biggest, most crowded at the entire thing?

It was a tie between them and Square Enix, as for which booth was giving out the most annoying headgear. The year prior it was Pop Cat with their retarded traffic cone hats, which was tied into Plants vs. Zombies (BTW, there was a group of folks cosplaying as the undead from that game this year, but also disco dancing, and it was the most obnoxious thing ever). This time it was the thing that the main dude in Elder Scrolls has on top of his head, but far goofier looking, and a giant pink hat from Quantum Conundrum, that new game from one of the folks behind Portal.

God, Adam‘s reaction to the aforementioned traffic cone hats will still by my most favorite memory of anything. Anyhow, the Square Enix booth was also where they had Dead Island?

? For those interested in my impression of the game (which has since come out, I know), it can be found here. Though long story short, it sucked. Which again, is old news. You’ll also find my hands on impression of Rayman Origin.

Again, left out some fairly important details that, sadly, the average Guyism reader would have no clue about: there was no awkward and heated exchange with a Frag Doll like every other visit to the Ubisoft booth! Instead, I interacted with a very nice PR intern named Rich. Too bad it’s not all that fun to play, as also noted in the previous link. Which might be why my new pal hasn’t returned any of my emails!

At least the new Trackmania did not disappoint?

And here is where one will find my two cents regarding the new Jurassic Park game. Spoilers: it’s retarded?

? One will also find my impressions of both Sina Mora, which was kinda meh, and Black Knight Sword, which was kinda swell! Didn’t bother with Lollipop Chainsaw; as I’ve said before on numerous occasions, the concept is way too like something a Grasshopper fanboy would come up with as opposed to Suda 51 proper.

Sorry, but I haven’t been too impressed with their output as of late; hey, I love the No More Heroes vibe, hence why I want No More Heroes 3. But I also want something more akin to their earlier offerings, like Flower Sun Rain. More challenging, less pandering please.

Oh, and back to the show floor and for the sake of clarification, I was fairly complimentary towards Bloodrayne Betrayal due to my WayForward bias and having only spent five minutes with it, up till that point. Since then, I’ve given the full game a try and can attest to it being somewhat of a bummer as well. But yeah, for the record!

Okay, time for more cosplay. First, a semi-creepy Quote?

A somewhat short and stocky Bayonetta?

Someone from World of Warcraft I’m assuming?

And some dude as Alice?

? Again, it’s really tough taking cosplay pics at PAX, with so much foot traffic going on, plus there’s the age thing again. But I was also so preoccupied in other ways that I simply couldn’t concentrate, so sorry for the somewhat blah assortment. I’ll do better next time, promise!

Sunday was also the day that I decided to check out the Halo Fest, that folks I knew who weren’t even into Halo couldn’t stop gushing about. Once more, I wrote about it in detail elsewhere; here’s some additional pics?

? I cannot stress enough how mind-blowing the whole set-up was, and I’m not even that big of a fan of Halo! It was a glowing testament of how a good game can grow into something truly special, and a heartfelt love letter to the fans that made it so. Walking around made me feel legit warm inside, due to the serious sense of pride from being part of video games, as cheesy as it sounds!

Anyhow, here’s the best picture I could get of the dude in the Brute outfit, scaring little kids at the thing…

Back at the show proper, much like last year, you had plenty of areas for those who were into Dragon Questing via their DSs?

Here’s another sight I had waited a very long time for; Saturn Bomberman, with all 10 players going at it on the widescreen play field! Just like how it looked in Next Generation magazine, circa 1997?.

While out getting lunch, I decided to swing by Gameworks for sh*ts & giggles. As most patrons know already, they hardly update anything, yet a few new machines could be found. Like Sega Rally 3…

The hottest booth babes at the show? Courtesy of Good Old Games?

On my way back to the Fangamer booth, I ran into momma Link and her baby Tingle?

Yes, I did end up finally lending a hand by the end of the show, for those who thought I did nothing but goof off at the show. I was also joined by Ashely Davis, who was having a meet and greet for fans of her various work, and doing what she does: draw super cute things!

I’ll be sharing my haul from the show in a bit, but I say that I am miffed that I missed out on the chance to score this Shadow of the Colossus shirt that they were giving out at the Sony booth (along with the Uncharted tee)?

… I really wish I had more pictures of the booth in general, but the sub part lighting conditions, which meant lots of fiddling with the settings, plus the not so hot either battery life, was a constant issue. I know I say this all the time, but I seriously should invest in a proper camera.

Anyhow, last pic of the show, of Zac‘s Final Fantasy 6 print (which you may have also seen on GSW)?

Last pic of the show, of Sabrina showing off the Eliss scarves, which also ended up moving, despite the $80 price tag! Again, the power of a pretty lady when it comes to selling stuff. I recall Jenn De La Vega being our booth babe last year, with similar results?

Hanging with and helping out the FG crew was the best way possible to end the show. When it was officially a wrap, Gerritt, Jon, and Reid went over the numbers; turns out that PAX Prime 2011 was one of their strongest ever! And the first run of Fangamer X Attract Mode was a success as well. One couldn’t ask for a better beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Hey, did I mentioned that I also met Kyle Pulver? Sorry, had to make sure that I name-dropped everyone from the weekend. Also his game, Snapshot, was pretty sweet!

BTW, aside from the ones I already mentioned, the two other games that I’m really bummed I didn’t get to play were Antichamber (especially after reading Steve’s gushing hands on report) and Closure (but at least I got the chance to chat a bit with its creator, Tyler Glaiel). Next time I guess. Or better yet, hopefully they’ll be on their intended platforms proper before the next PAX!

As for the rest of my trip?. and as noted already? most of it was dedicated to getting my father up to speed, technologically speaking. Something that I had planned on going in-depth, but I’ll save that for another time. In fact, I actually believe this might be my new ticket to SXSW, as crazy as it might sound! Stay tuned.

Yes, That’s A USB Drive Shaped Like A Crucifix

Time for the obligatory part of any convention wrap-up in which one details all the stuff one has acquired! FIrst off, the aforementioned entire set of Spelunky figures…

And I guess the blow of not being able to attend SPX was somewhat lessened by the fact I managed to score some comics nonetheless! Seriously, all the new cartoonists peeps I now have in Seattle is making the idea of moving back west far more enticing than it’s ever been. Anyway, here we have the latest from Corey Lewis and Kyle Fewell?

Some random odds and end, like a Faraway QR code, a lulinternet sticker, a Fez button, and a Samus as a peeper button by Chris Furniss!

Though the wackiest take aways, by far, might have to be all the stuff that GameChurch gave me?

? Yes, that’s a USB drive shaped like a crucifix. As for what’s inside the pamphelt, it’s actually the book of John, but annotated for gamers. I kid you not?

? My conversation with the guy who runs it, and a write-up about the organization, was intended for GSW, but I unfortunately never got around to it. But the guy was actually a pretty cool guy! A super tall Californian type, whose out to spread the gospel, but in a non denominational way. I did agree that people generally speaking have zero issue with religion, it’s organized religion that turns most people off, and that’s what he’s all about.

When asked about where they congregate, he spoke of a 30+ capacity gaming center that basically has everything a gamer dork could want, like all the latest games and best gear. When I asked if there was a sermon at the end or the like, he again was adamant about how no one’s pushing anything down anyone’s throat. Though when I asked where the money comes from, he was a tad bit more clandestine. From private donations, mostly.

I also mentioned that I was familiar with other attempts at appealing to the youth of America in rather hip ways, like Stephen Baldwin with his skate parks and graphic novels (which again, Joe illustrated). Though he was quick to say that him and the Baldwin brother have two totally different approaches towards the same goal. Fair enough.

Moving on, I also had a bunch of super sweet goods waiting for me in the mail when I finally got back home. Like Hilary‘s latest minis which debuted at this year’s Otakon! Including her ode to Regular Show (which she’s a storyboard artist for now, hence why she moved to LA) and a little something about flowers?

? I am such a sucker for Hilary’s shojo stylings. Next, my copy of Love Love Hill‘s Vocaloid fanzine also arrived as well! Which also features the work of Hilary’s, plus assorted other excellent members of the collective?

Well, since they were handy, decided to take a picture of the copy of Game Developer’s Magazine, featuring a Sword & Sworcery cover that Cory Schmitz laid out, and my Japanese copy of No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise?

? aka No More Heroes: Red Zone, not to be confused with the original PS3 release, also called Heroes’ Paradise, and which totally sucked (I should know, I owned it; the load times were unbearable).

And yes, I mostly got it because of the character viewer, so help me God.

A Pokemon Cartridge With A Digimon Sticker On It? A Mind Asplode

And this was where I originally wrapped things up, but because a week has gone by, and a few notable things have happened during that time, real quick now, are the highlights:

- In addition to Hilary and Joe’s birthdays last weekend, it was also Raina Lee‘s as well! And wouldn’t you know, she was also in town! So I stopped by the shindig thrown in her honor, at a bar in Williamsburg. Ended up spending most of my time chatting with a very nice gay guy pal of hers, demoing the various iPhone games that I had (and Adam can tell you; I have a TON).

- On top of Raina’s, Saturday was also Peter Berkman‘s big birthday bash at the Denim Club! The highlight (and there were many, trust me, but most are not appropriate for such a public forum) was the performance by Pete’s pal from Chicago, some dude who calls himself D.A.D.

- The next day was Joe’s belated birthday dinner (we had Indian, btw, as I had hoped). Though you’d never know since I was the one who got a present that day; an entire pack of American Gladiator cards that him and June found in some hobby shop at Virginia!

- Had lunch with Dave Roman. Met him at Book Off, where I ended up coming across this…

… Yes, that a Game Boy Pocket, but with the color scheme of the original Game Boy! Something I had been looking literally years for! But I didn’t get it cuz of the scratch up front. Crazy I am, I know, especially at that insanely low price.

I also came across the following, which I was hoping Tiny Cartridge would post. But since they’ve got more than enough TGS stuff to concern themselves with; it’s an old Pokemon Silver for Game Boy Color cart with a Digimon Sticker on the back (and random Japanese writing to the side). Was almost tempted to get it…

- Fashion week just wrapped up in NYC, and I ended up checking out a show believe it or not. A pair of designer tees, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Galaga, were on-hand at one event. … The shirts were actually part of a contest (as detailed here), and were by Danilo Gabrielli, a designer whose done work for Anne Klein and Tommy Hilfiger…

? We chatted for a bit, but since he was doing several women’s hair for the runway show that was happening later that evening, I didn’t want to be a bother. Though I stuck around for a while, to enjoy as much of the top shelf liquor as I could, in order to justify the trip. If I knew there’d only be two shirts at the thing, i honestly would have stayed home.

Was also somewhat of a thrill to be to be the most underdressed person in the entire place. It was like being in the cantina of Mos Eisley, especially some of the wacky, high-end threads that some were sporting. Though when another video game scribe showed up, one whom I can’t stand, it that was my cue to split. Though I will say, I found it amusing that all the fashion types were all in love with the dude, mostly cuz of the WWE belt that’s always with him.

- Found out that none of my panels for the upcoming New York Comic Con/Anime Fest were approved. Which was a bummer to hear, needless to say. At least the event’s organizer sent me a personal email to explain the situation, and that he was deeply sorry. And that was nice.

To be honest, if you had to run a show with few programming slots to fill, and had to choose between some random blogger or a company like Capcom, who would you choose? And to be totally honest, I had a really good run; for years I had on average two to three panels per show, whereas many don’t even have one!

Though if that group that started the homophobic chant from a few years back managed to retain their spot, I’m gonna be PISSED.

- Radiant Silvergun was finally released in America earlier this week. Something that I still have a hard time comprehending. I still remember how difficult it was, selling my precious copy almost nine years ago, due to being dirt poor and needing rent money. I guess it also serves as a reminder of how much has happened in my life, as overly sentimental as it might sound.

If you think that’s bad, I actually got a tad bit teary eyed by this. Anyhow, if RS being accessible to all at long last isn’t proof enough that this is truly the new golden era of gaming, I really don’t know what it is.

- Was asked to the artist for a comic that a friend of mine is starting up. Had to politely decline, due to my hectic schedule, plus me being such a slow poke with it comes to drawing. But that? coupled with how a LOT of folks have been all of a sudden asking when the next UNLUCKY was coming out (which is something I honestly figured everyone had forgotten about by this point)? has gotten me wondering: perhaps I should get back into making comics?

- Later this weekend, Adam and I will be guests on an upcoming Fangamer podcast! We’ll be talking in detail about the Fangamer X Attract Mode deal and other fun stuff. Be sure to check it out!

? Oh, and one more thing?

the fort90forum version 3.0

So yeah, it’s back! And? on Canvas! It’s primarily the handiwork of my good buddy Dave Mauro. Basically, him and his team have been cooking up some new community management tools, and we both figure that this could be a cool, mutually beneficial experiment of sorts, so here we are.

There’s really not much else to say, mostly due to the fact that I myself am a bit uncertain of what the hell is going on. I ultimately am still somewhat unfamiliar with the place and its workings. Despite being one of the first people in (not to brag and all), been super busy since to get a proper grasp. Though that time is obviously now. And for those interested, come on board!

? All right, that’s all I got!

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